Cronin Miller

Corporate Disputes

Company Directors and Shareholders often find themselves involved in situations where they need fast and effective advice.

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have seen an increase in disputes involving shareholders and directors/shareholders who wish to exit the business or otherwise resolve matters between them.   There has also been an increase in ATO activity, including the delivery of director’s penalty notices.

Company directors today have significant obligations imposed upon them by virtue of the provisions of the Corporations Act.  From time to time there are questions concerning directors’ responsibilities and we are able to provide efficient advice in relation to various matters concerning the Corporations Act.

The laws relating to Insolvency can also be complex and require timely advice.  This includes considerations of the solvency of a company and/or responding to various demands which can be made on a company by a supplier, contractor, employee or creditor.

There are a number of options which are available to directors of companies in these circumstances and we are able to provide specialist advice in relation to:

  • Voluntary Administration
  • Liquidation/Winding Up
  • Directors’ Personal Guarantees
  • Shareholder/Director Disputes
  • Enforcement or defence of Restraint of Trade provisions
  • Review and advice concerning terms of supply
  • Body Corporate Litigation
  • Australian Consumer Law
  • Complaints to Ombudsman and/or Judicial Review
  • Complex Court Litigation
  • Corporate Governance


Cronin Miller Litigation is a Gold Coast based law firm specialising in resolving commercial disputes, and providing effective results for persons who have a claim of a commercial nature.